50 thoughts on “Yamato Japanese Battleship 1/350 Radio controlled Model

  1. Haamre

    Are it’s main gun turrets turned electrically, or have you just moved them by hand? 😉

  2. legendarykld

    @krisspacker1995 even tho it has one working prop, just making it prolly took a lot of effort and time, show some respect

  3. thexsoar

    Well done, but will it travel 198,000 light years and back… in just one earth year?

  4. Kahless007

    @hamace I would add that it needs ballast, because she rides way too high in the water, and the motor provides too great a power-to-weight ratio.

  5. kevjay777

    I am a red blooded Texan, but the Yamato and Musashi were the most beautiful battleships ever built. They were used improperly during the war (thankfully) but that doesn’t take away from the awesome size, and great lines the ships had.

    IMO easily the most graceful and elegant battleships ever built and mayube the most beautiful warships of any kind ever put to sea.

  6. pogoman12345678910


  7. hannahandkrystalshow

    so on dioramanet does it come withe the controler and battery and everything that u need

  8. oldpreach

    As much as I like the Iowa Class, I have to give it up to the Yamato for having the best looking profile of all time.

  9. HachiKouki

    Sooo…you gunna run it around off Okinawa and use it as a stationary gun platform? =P

  10. jacobew2000

    I am trying to figure out how to convert my model. What is the size of the props and where did you get em. How about the greaseboxes?

  11. cabbievonbump

    For the Atago, how did you do the sandbags around the gunmounts and bridge areas? Nice work.

  12. dmorourke

    The camouflage scheme on the carrier is a merchant ship false silhouette, not a cruiser. This was a an anti-submarine camouflage scheme. This is shown in the Osprey series “Imperial Japanese Navy aircraft carriers 1921-1941,New Vanguard #109, Mark Stille” some excellent color plates for painting purposes in the book.
    Great collection of ships

  13. modelman44

    @pennyandhistoy sure dont but modelship yard dot com might have a connection for you

  14. pennyandhistoy

    wow fantastic! btw do you have hms audacity in your fleet? cant find it anywhere

  15. modelman44

    @Yoshisan55 Not at the moment but I will very soon. I will be doing the Kaga in the Midway paint scheme. Thank you!!!!

  16. Yoshisan55

    Nice Job! do you have any new project coming? : )
    I have Battleship Yamato under the work right now. ^^

  17. Titan52berg

    @jamiekenta Use acrylic paint, let dry just until tacky, push up wave formations, form ship wakes bilge pump waste effects… place display components where desired into the partially dry paint and let air dry completely.
    If desired or needed, touch up paint waves and wake with varying mixtures of white, blues, grays, etc. to achieve realistic whitecaps or wake.

  18. admiraldma

    @modelman44 I have a large collection of 1-700 scale ships as well. Most I done in my teens so are unpainted, but I have around 40 to build yet. Told my wife its a retirement project. I love these models, but one thing bothers me. There is hardly any British ships in the waterline collection, just Hood, two KGV, two Nelsons, and thats it. Would love a couple of QE class and R class batleships, and a few county class cruisers, and a few town class light cruisers. Ark Royal would be great as well.

  19. jamiekenta

    @modelman44 great! going to subscribe now. btw, do you use photo etch on any of your 1/700 ships? I’ve never built a 1/700 ship so I’m not really sure how small it is and if photo etch parts would even make a difference at that scale.

  20. modelman44

    @jamiekenta I will make a how to video soon showing the whole process. Stay tuned or subscribe for updates.

  21. modelman44

    @fusoholic I used Deck Tan but then weathered it with a flat black water mix. You can dip it in a solution and let it sit for a day untill it dries. This produces a nice effect.

  22. fusoholic

    Hello. I am curious about your flightdeck color. Not quite Linoleum or Deck Tan. Is it a custom mix ?

  23. modelman44

    @motionboy356 Thank you. I would be more than wiling to share my tricks of the trade. Can’t take them with me when I die, so why not share.

  24. motionboy356

    Well done! I’m inspired!!! I can only hope MY fleet is as good!!!!
    God I love the IGN!!!

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