Will there ever be an Asian Union with a single currency based on the EU model?

Question by rihannsu: Will there ever be an Asian Union with a single currency based on the EU model?

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Answer by a_bush_family_member
Not anytime in the next several decades. China is communist and Japan is not. China is devaluing its currency to create the fake good economy it has. Both South Korea and Japan complain about China devaluing its currency.

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4 thoughts on “Will there ever be an Asian Union with a single currency based on the EU model?

  1. Delvin

    Cannot be.. Imagine SGdollar and RMriggit same.. OMG… lol.. cannot be… In Asia, only Singapore and Japan are develop country… The rest still developing… Wait till they develop….and we will see

  2. Torin

    Yes, the framework for the Asian Union is being worked out.

    We have been in the “North American Union” since September of 2005. Go look at http://www.spp.gov to read the list of junk that they are saying trying hard to prove that we aren’t. They can’t even keep their own lie straight on their own page.

    For instance, if you go to the Myth vs. Fact page you will see in the first “fact” that “[N]o agreement was ever signed.” However, if you just go to the “Factsheet” page you will see beside the 5th bullet: “The United States and Canada signed an agreement…”

    I was able to find in their own documentation, with only a few minutes worth of reading, statements which belie every single one of their “facts”.

    Read the speech that Robert Pastor, one of SPP’s bigwigs, made to the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). In it he, himself, talks about how the concept of national sovereignty is “outdated”. He calls for the governments of Mexico, Canada, and the US to “define and defend a continental perimeter”. He even states that “[t]he three governments should establish a North American Customs and Immigration Force”, effectively destroying the ICE which is supposed to patrol and control our border. This would, in effect, dissolve the borders between the US and its immediate neighbors.

    WAKE UP, PEOPLE! While you are worried about Brittney Spears and who won the Super Bowl, your country is being destroyed from within.

  3. joshuakane_uk

    The United States remains, for the moment, the most powerful nation in history, but it faces a violent contradiction between its long republican tradition and its more recent imperial ambitions.

    The fate of previous democratic empires suggests that such a conflict is unsustainable and will be resolved in one of two ways. Rome attempted to keep its empire and lost its democracy. Britain chose to remain democratic and in the process let go its empire. Intentionally or not, the people of the United States already are well embarked upon the course of non-democratic empire

  4. Randy P


    This is a good way for them to achieve the kind of clout needed in today’s economy. I do see some signs of this with the Pan-Pacific meetings they have in which many of their leaders meet about financial issues.

    This would be a very smart move for them. As well as having most of the worlds population, the power given to this region of the world would be tremendous.

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