What does Korean girl think?

Question by Vincent: What does Korean girl think?
I want to know… I like this Korean girl.. We seen each other a couple of times… I gave her my number … She said she will call me if she doesn’t leave the country by the end off the month… Should I still bother her and chase her? I really like her and want her to stay… Don’t know what to do be romantic ans chase her… Cos I am not Korean… Don’t know what they think..

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2 thoughts on “What does Korean girl think?

  1. Frizby

    Step out of your shell, I know its hard sometimes especially when you don’t want to allow yourself any mistakes..

    Look at it like this without mistakes we can never progress, its the mistakes that either makes us do better next time or it makes us find a better alternative..

    If you fail at least you’ll know that she did not want to know, if you succeed then you’ll be glad you tried..

  2. sky blue...

    Even a Korean can not predict their fellow Koreans way of thinking.
    Better ask her yourself, you are the one who knows her.how do an stranger here at yahoo knows how she thinks.

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