Understanding Modern China- China’s planned economy today

China’s growth was apparently driven by Capitalism, is this a true picture? What is the secret of the Chinese Model? What economic levers does the state own and control? How does the export economy and world trade connect with planning? By what means does China limit the impact of capitalist cycles of boom and slump?

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22 thoughts on “Understanding Modern China- China’s planned economy today

  1. Scientisticsoviet

    What would be interesting is to make clear the difference between CENTRALLY planned and planned in general. Central makes reference at what level planning occurs, while planning in itself can be done locally, provincially or nationally (and me eventually globally). It is a question that interest me very much; that is to what degree do we have centralization or decentralization for optimal results.

  2. Scientisticsoviet

    @jjjjjenkins Red Herring. He is talking about the way in which the Chinese economy can be considered planned; Not socialism, nor communism nor politicians.

  3. jjjjjenkins

    You must love politicians – Why would anyone in practice, want to give politicians ultimate power over the masses? China is doing well not because if its rulers but in spite of them. It’s ok for westerners like you who have a romantic view of socialism, you can simply play at communism whilst flitting in and out of the country whenever you please – but the poor Chinese workers are stuck with a currupt and brutal government.

  4. cacam01

    A very interesting analysis of the Chinese economy, which only validates my theory that China is still a planned economy despite the private-public ratio. Have you written any books or journals, or perhaps could you recommend some writing that pertains to this matter.

    It would be greatly appreciated

  5. chrisolaf530

    Well, rather it seemed that you were saying not just the banks but the commanding heights, correct?

  6. heikokhoo

    Well that is not quite what I am saying, but it would be possible to do this. This indeed is what Lenin proposed when the Bolsheviks first came to power.

  7. chrisolaf530

    To me it seems you are saying the main thing which causes China to remain as a planned economy is the government’s firm control over banking, This really is interesting as it seems you are right and I will have to further look in to this.
    – Thank You
    Christopher Hill

  8. heikokhoo

    The large Free Market is primarily small scale although it also includes some large scale enterprises. They are capitalist sectors of the economy which numerically dominate employment in urban China. The question for the class nature of the state is the commanding heights. The banks alone can constitute the commanding heights if the political regime uses them to exercise power. The outcome of these contradictons is undetermined in present day China.

  9. chrisolaf530

    Very balanced and detailed explanation comrade, What do you have to say regarding the large Free Market portions of the economy? Would you consider this to be non-Capitalist “Free Market” such as the NEP? While the difference may be fairly minor it is important.

  10. grummeper

    I was in China in 1979 – just before…
    2:48 – Key!!!
    They were very interested in how we in Denmark had achieved such a high degree of social solidarity care and insurance. Although we have capitalism. And Danish cooperative movement in agriculture. We discussed how much we could avoid high unemployment in the future in China. Already in 1979 it was discussed.

  11. athomicritics

    ok with this weapon in their hand we should surrender now and let the chinesse rule the world we cant survive versus this

  12. Bbenbb

    I would be close but I think this shovel would even beat Chuck Norris. We should just surrender now!

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