Thai Teen Girls….Natural cute & Fresh

Thailand Teen Girls,We are Thai girls…Korea Taiwan China Hongkong Indonesia Singapore Philippines Japan
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25 thoughts on “Thai Teen Girls….Natural cute & Fresh

  1. SirEsahc

    I don’t get the diffrence between Thai, Chinese, Japanese ect. Philipinos are the only asian’s that I can tell the diffrence. Someone mind enlightening me?

  2. TheNishwa

    @TheAmericankhmer yes, you r partly right.But some of these girls seem like they from northern part of Thailand where majority of them hav the same ethnic as northern laos eg Lanna and have light skin, even when they have no chinese blood.
    to sum up, out of 65 million of Thai people :
    35 millions are ethnic Malay or Khmer (Dark skin)
    8 are Chinese(Light skin)
    12 are northerners(Light skin)
    10 are in between (The best looking people, from my experience ^^)
    Just FYI ^^

  3. johnenriquez028

    computer generated beauties…i mean, do you really have to edit these images…inhumanely unbelievable, the girls look like dolls! well i think, filipino girls look much more attractive!

  4. pedbapla2

    สรุปมันก็คนไทยและวะ จะมาบอกว่าเชื้อสายจีนเพื่อ ถ้าไม่ได้เชื้อไทย


  5. theophilis

    @dannecp mmmm I agree, id love a nice asian girl, but I would also like some nice titties 🙁 cant have everything

  6. theophilis

    @HYPERVISION2505 I dont think its as good as kpop, but its really good nonetheless, TPOP is fast becoming my go to stuff on my ipod

  7. nuuyozaaa

    @TheAmericankhmer Not everyone that nothing can. The Chinese have the infection. Thai women, some of them white and beautiful with no other races!!!!!

  8. n20a05t35

    first song is Kamikaze’s, called รักฉันเรียกว่าเธอ (RAK CHAN RIAK WA TUR)
    2nd song is Waii’s,called เพื่อนใจน้อย (PUEN JAI NOI)
    3rd song is K-OTIC’s, called อยู่ในช่วงปรับปรุง (YOO NAI CHUANG PRAB PRUNG)

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