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Why is there so many Caucasian models on Billboard in Singapore?

Question by suk2byou: Why is there so many Caucasian models on Billboard in Singapore?
As an Asian Americca, I visited Singapore. What strike me is there are so many Caucasian model in adverstisement in Singapore. Why don’t Singaporean promote their people rather than some Caucasian models?

Why do Asian countries complicit in their promotion of Whiteness? Are they commiting suicide by lowering their social values?

In the US, you can’t even get an model job or acting job unless you are white. It baffles me that an Asian country would allow this to happen. If people don’t appreciate themselve, how are they going promote their values?

Can some Singaporean answer me this?

I see that even in Singapore, there are white privileges that a lot of Western have.
Growing up in the US, I missed seeing people that look like me, so I was excite to see what the media and entertainment culture is like in Singapore. Frankly I am disappointed.

Best answer:

Answer by tankahn
Look at Japanese lifestyle ads by Sony and other famous Korean brand names. You will always find female blond models. They don’t offend anyone. Easy to photograph too. But Asians. Too dark which means you can’t do highlight photography. That is why blacks always wear shiny clothes and plenty of gold. Too yellow, other ethnic groups feel left out. Some advertisers even go for the ‘pan-Asian’ look to please everybody but no one is fooled and Malaysian Govt once banned such models. If I am the advertiser I would simply go for a full-breasted leggy blonde and be done with it.

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