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Help needed with Acer Aspire One Mini Notebook A0A110?

Question by Joy: Help needed with Acer Aspire One Mini Notebook A0A110?
Hi i just purchased a A0A110 recently.The one that I got is the 8ssd with linux os..

Should i reformat it to windows os? If so wat version is recommended for this girl? I actually like the linux os however recently I just got a ZTE MF628 usb modem but I was unable to use it. My friends recommended that I reformat the os to windows then it would not be a problem for the modem. I am a noob in it and although I read up on it at it forums that the modem can be used on linux os however u will need to do some configurations at start up which sounded like Greek to me lol…I am an idiot in IT and as this is my first notebook I would really welcome any advice from anyone… Thanks in advance… (PS : I am based in Singapore so if any fellow Singaporeans have any feed back on this girl pls let me know as well)

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Answer by charlie
you can dual boot windows XP and your other O/S . I know your confused let me explain. get a legal copy of windows XP and install it on your comp it will ask you if you want to dual boot check yes then let it set up it will ask you questions but there easy one’s then once you restart your comp update it but! upon restart it should ask which O/S you want to run check the windows XP and update then if you want to switch to other O/S just reboot your comp and select it on start up

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