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Q&A: Australian Male w/ Korean Girl?

Question by starscream_074: Australian Male w/ Korean Girl?
Hi, just after some advice .. firstly sorry but i accidently posted a q about mixed relationship stigma before.

I met a gorgeous Korean girl when I was in Japan in March. She was actually a model with elite so no question that she was hot. Anyway spent 3 weeks together and fell madly in love and now i’ve found out she is pregnant. I know its mine so please dont question that but i’m working in singapore and before i left sydney my mum said you can go on one condition .. no asian brides and no slanty eyed grandkids.

So now i’m in a pretty awkward situation because i feel as though my parents will never respect her if we tr to make a go of things.

Can anyone offer some advice as she is going to have the baby .. She has a lot of money and said initially i dont wanna ruin your life so dont worry im gonna be a single mum and do everything on my own but i feel responsible and my heart tells me to give things with her a try. Also my mates are pretty rascist towards asians :((

Best answer:

Answer by Greenman
Marry her, Love her and don’t give a damn what other people (even your parents) think. They will love her because you love her.

If your mates don’t accept her, then they aren’t really your mates, now are they? Find new mates and enjoy life with yor woman and your baby.

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