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Can I use electrical appliances from Japan in Singapore?

Question by jsword: Can I use electrical appliances from Japan in Singapore?
I am moving from Japan to Singapore and I would like to know if I can use some of my electrical appliances there. Specifically, high definition LCD TV (Japanese girl: LCD-H32MX55), refrigerator and audio mini system. I know there is no problem with the shipping and customs, but I would like if they will work properly with Singapore voltage (using adapters) and transmission frequencies (for TV).

I have already checked several web pages but still have found not enough information to make a decisition.

Any related information will be appreciated as well.

Best answer:

Answer by KILOWATT
While the voltage in Japan is standardized to 100 volts the frequency is either 50 or 60 hz. depending on the region. Singapore has 230 volts at 50 hz. Many adapters can’t change frequency. Most electronic devices change ac to dc and frequency may not be a problem. A refrigerator with a motor is a problem if not rated for dual frequencies.. I would definitely email the manufacturers and get their advice.

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