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Stop Your Racism 2: Korean Americans Model Immigrants?

This video deals with anti-Latino, anti-immigrant sentiment, which is only one facet of our exploration of the illegal immigration issue. A man approached us when we were interviewing Latino residents of Manassas, Virginia at “Liberty Wall.” Liberty Wall is the remaining wall of a demolished house in Old Town Manassas where the owner put a banner protesting the Prince William County’s Immigration Resolution (which has since been repealed). In our video, “Stop Your Racism Against Hispanics” the man shouted “Learn English” at the Latino people gathered there. Annabel, who is Korean-American, had a conversation with him about a Korean man in Manassas named “Mr. Soo” who is held up as the good immigrant who did it right. This video shows that conversation and Annabel’s thoughts about it the next day. To see the remainder of the confrontation, watch our first Liberty Wall video: “Stop Your Racism To Hispanics.”