Stop Your Racism 2: Korean Americans Model Immigrants?

This video deals with anti-Latino, anti-immigrant sentiment, which is only one facet of our exploration of the illegal immigration issue. A man approached us when we were interviewing Latino residents of Manassas, Virginia at “Liberty Wall.” Liberty Wall is the remaining wall of a demolished house in Old Town Manassas where the owner put a banner protesting the Prince William County’s Immigration Resolution (which has since been repealed). In our video, “Stop Your Racism Against Hispanics” the man shouted “Learn English” at the Latino people gathered there. Annabel, who is Korean-American, had a conversation with him about a Korean man in Manassas named “Mr. Soo” who is held up as the good immigrant who did it right. This video shows that conversation and Annabel’s thoughts about it the next day. To see the remainder of the confrontation, watch our first Liberty Wall video: “Stop Your Racism To Hispanics.”

25 thoughts on “Stop Your Racism 2: Korean Americans Model Immigrants?

  1. tupac809

    its funny how so many asians speak better english than white people or do better in english class lol

  2. 9500Liberty

    Actually, the broadly accepted estimate is that by 2050, the COMBINATION of Hispanic/Native Americans, Asian Americans, and African Americans will be greater than 50 percent.

  3. aishahossam

    the only true americans are the native americans, everyone right now think what is in ur bloodlines, im irish and german with cherokee, my friend has dutch and english and scottish, look at yourselfs, think for a minute why the statue of liberty is in the port, whoooooo gave us this statue and why?? everyone need to think in ur ancestors, which countrys they came from many years ago … how they migrate d here worked and had kids, then generations later ,, here YOU are!!!

  4. keiana101

    America was form from immigrants smart one didn’t you learn from history?
    you cant discriminate against other culture because they speak a diff. language.

  5. freeqwerqwer

    20% of Koreans are illegal in this country. Yes 1 out of every 5 koreans came here illegally. They come as tourist and then outstay their permitted time. These scofflaws must be DEPORTED OUT just as any Mexican scofflaw illegals.

  6. freeqwerqwer

    1 out of every 5 Koreans in the US are illegals. They come here on tourist VISA and outstay their time. They also should be deported as vigorously as the Mexicans. Koreans are not friendly types. They are a a cold and rude people for the most part. DEPORT KOREAN ILLEGALS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. tokee1234567

    koreans do not come from communist country. south koreans are the only people that can travel out of their country freely and they’re democratic. hopefully during this past year you have attended high school and learned some proper world history

  8. quetzalcoatl8

    I like Koreans, they are very nice hospitable people. Whites on the other hand are rude and hateful, I haven’t had many good experiences with whites.

  9. lifesaver011

    What an intolerable bastard. There is no law that says every individual living in America HAS to learn English, and what’s more ironic than anything else is the fact that every single one of us living in America here today has come from other countries. All that white supremacists are doing with their useless tirades of discrimination is denouncing their own roots in Europe or otherwise. The only true American groups were almost wiped out during America’s “Manifest Destiny” period.

  10. ZR1Terror

    yeah, you are right, we should all be free and roam around the world with nothing to worry about

  11. averagejoesgym71

    Some douchebags say things like “they should wait in line” like everyone else or “if they would just follow the law”. The fact is that American immigration laws themselves have been, historically, racist. It has been evidenced time and time again that, if not exposed, the Caucasian Americans of European origin (aka, the group in power), will create immigration laws which give a much higher number (per capita) of permanent admission slots to other Whites than they do those of color. Hello!!!

  12. Rommm200

    i don’t know about Mexican however i can clearly say that large number of Korean are living in my country by illegal way

  13. BillGlubber

    legal smeagle… there is NO SUCH THING AS AN ILLEGAL … all immigrants would be “legal” if honkite eurotrash and the corporados and banksters didnt create limitations. think about it… there is a QUOTA for Mexicans for example… lets not forget this land was warred upon and taken from Mexico under duress. Today this would be ILLEGAL .. why is it OK becuase its in the past?

  14. ThePeaceSeekerMaria

    Exactly. Yet he is sitting there and telling them to freaking et an education and blah blah blah. What he fails to realize is that many of us do have an education and we speak TWO languages fluently, not one.

  15. CubanPunks

    im glad you dont have any problem with them and yes im a hispanic and i came here legally! but to tell you the truth i wouldn’t like for any country to have a swarm of illegal people its true we cant have are borders just open up! but that aint gonna stop racism!!!!!!!

  16. hiya192

    Your rationalization is understandable. But what are your views on people who come to America illegaly but gain their citizenship later on? Or if they come, have a child and their child has American citizenship? Or someone married to an American citizen who comes with their spouse and later gains their citizenship? I am not attacking you, I agreee with your statement but I know people in these situations, and they are hardworkers who have made a future for themselves and their children.

  17. CaJeffO

    Welcome to America. The problem? America is in Peril. See the 2008 Movie I.O.U.S.A. By Dave Walker. Realize our National Debt in 1980 was $909 Billion. In Feb/09 it is $10.8 Trillion (10,800 x a Billion in just 28 yrs).

    And see the 1998 “Immigration Gumball” movie by Roy Beck. Roy points out the normal numbers of immigrants coming into America was 175.000 back in the early 1980’s. In the 00’s it increased to over 3 million per year. See the correlation?

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