Sexy Malaysian Girl images

A few beautiful malaysian girl images I found:

The American Psycho Adaptation
malaysian girl
Image by joshuachay
Currently working on an adaptation of American Psycho for film class (Film Directing). The goal is to localize the original into a Malaysian context.

It’ll be short film and for now I’m still working on the script. This is a just a teaser featuring my lead and also the gigolo she eventually kills =D

Top: Amanda Ang as Patricia Lee (a play on Patrick Bateman from the original)
Bottom: Leonard as Gigolo

~ CUTE ~
malaysian girl
Image by KhayaL
So cute walla, they were shooting some clip over there, singing and dancing, there were like 15 girls…it was so nice 🙂

in one of the chinese temple, Kuala Lumpur

malaysian girl
Image by spiral eye

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  1. ₪₪ Mιşś ŁąŁờ ₪₪

    بيييي فن اشكالهم.. صج مرتبين.. 😀

    مب احنا هيهيهيهيه…

    حلوة الصورة..

  2. قـطرية دـبلوماسيـة ~ IN QATAR

    eeee wallah cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute


  3. Aliyooo

    ohh how pretty.. the costumes and dancing. u can never see this here on the streets of "free" america 🙁
    i want to go back to culture.
    i misse seeing u online 🙂 i hope all is well
    ALLAh yi7fathk

  4. @#$$$$$el reem is gone on vacation$$$$#@byee =)

    cute photo mashallah =) where have u been? long time stranger?

  5. Japanese Comics

    Hey there!

    One of our users took your photo and remixed it into a comics strip which can be found here:

    Once again, we wish to thank you and appreciate your kindness in sharing this photo under the Creative Commons license! 🙂

    – The Comiqs Team

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