Q&A: Australian Male w/ Korean Girl?

Question by starscream_074: Australian Male w/ Korean Girl?
Hi, just after some advice .. firstly sorry but i accidently posted a q about mixed relationship stigma before.

I met a gorgeous Korean girl when I was in Japan in March. She was actually a model with elite so no question that she was hot. Anyway spent 3 weeks together and fell madly in love and now i’ve found out she is pregnant. I know its mine so please dont question that but i’m working in singapore and before i left sydney my mum said you can go on one condition .. no asian brides and no slanty eyed grandkids.

So now i’m in a pretty awkward situation because i feel as though my parents will never respect her if we tr to make a go of things.

Can anyone offer some advice as she is going to have the baby .. She has a lot of money and said initially i dont wanna ruin your life so dont worry im gonna be a single mum and do everything on my own but i feel responsible and my heart tells me to give things with her a try. Also my mates are pretty rascist towards asians :((

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Answer by Greenman
Marry her, Love her and don’t give a damn what other people (even your parents) think. They will love her because you love her.

If your mates don’t accept her, then they aren’t really your mates, now are they? Find new mates and enjoy life with yor woman and your baby.

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5 thoughts on “Q&A: Australian Male w/ Korean Girl?

  1. Ken L

    You again, well since you seem to be a racist yourself. You should just go on doing what your family and friends tell you to do because you obviously leave your balls with them. You should not marry this woman and try to raise that child because that child will need a MAN as a role model and not some whining snivelling whipped individual such as you around.

    God what the Hell is wrong with you!

  2. Soul T

    Your parents are the problem if you share their values then you shouldn’t have ever gotten together with this girl….How can someone tell you who is a separate individual to them expect you to live by the same racist code that they do….
    Tell your parents that you love them but don’t share in their racial code they exist by (I didn’t say live by because to me if one is stuck in a rut of a racial theme then that is not living)
    Get as far away from these people as possible how can you want to share in their lives when they are so closed minded….
    Tell your parents you are going to live your life and love them from a distance……how sad that the world still has closed thinking beings sharing space with those they hate…….

  3. simplesilverstar

    Gee! Sad to hear what you said! I am Chinese and 2 of my sisters are attached to westerners (1 American and the other, with a Canadian)and they are happy and well accepted by their boyfriends’ families and friends.You sure you are not against her race yourself?
    Btw, your future should not be dictated by your dad, mom and mates.You don’t live for them.You don’t even need to live with them.Have your own family life.In time to come, they would accept her if you could accept her yourself .Be a mature man and be responsible for the innocent life you have created with her.Take care!

  4. Monisha M

    Replied to your first post and here is what I had to say:

    Well, it depends. There will always be people who will be prejudiced against interracial couplings, but there will also be people who are not.

    I am the product of generations of interracial marriages. I have in me, Indian (Of the India variety), Melaccan Portueguese, which is basically a denomination of the Original Portueguese race,owing to their sailing prowess centuries earlier. I also have Dutch in me too and Spanish too.

    I am, like my ancestors before me, in an interracial marriage. My husband is Irish and English, but Australian born.

    We do have kids too. They are lovely like all kids.

    At the end of the day, the people you should worry about are you both and how both feel for each other.

    If the people you love most in your life as in your family and firends as well as hers, have problems with the idea, they will come around, once they can see this relationship working and how you both love each other. They will also come to see this relationship just like any other, with ups and downs too and if they can see you work out those issues together as a loving couple, they will accept the relationship.

    So don’t worry about strangers and what they think. Everybody will think whatever they like, but it is up to you both to rise above that and treat each other with love and respect and build a solid foundation based on love, respect, trust, honesty, loyalty, bascially all the htings any relaitonship needs to survive.

    So take it easy and don’t worry about the stigma thing.

  5. Yeager

    First of all, follow your heart! Second of all, are you a grown man? I understand where you are coming from since my situation is the total opposite. They will eventually learn to love you and your new girlfriend / marriage. Especially when there are children involved! You need to live your life and be happy with that! If you want to please your parents, you may never be happy! I’ve learned that! Just a warning….Koreans are kind of nuts….lol. My mother is Korean…lol. Best of luck to you!!

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