LA Gangland Documentary – Asian Boyz (ABZ VS Wah Ching Gang) – (1 of 5)

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Elly Tran Ha (aka Elly Kim Hong) beautiful and Famous Vietnamese Girl
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21 thoughts on “LA Gangland Documentary – Asian Boyz (ABZ VS Wah Ching Gang) – (1 of 5)

  1. turningundead

    @jackieyroy dude im white and whites have faught each other for years man germany killed more white people then ever iff whites went against each other again we wouldnt exist our population is shrinking and dieing out lol

  2. jackieyroy

    its always like this the asians biggest enemies are asians and mexians biggest enemies are the mexicans surenos vs nortenos blacks are blacks crips vs bloods and the whites all click together nazi kkk skins thats fucked up we take eachother out and they laugh at it its sad

  3. MissLeo5

    i now 2 ppl abz but havent heard from them for a long time.. last i heard.. got caught for home invasion..

  4. serialcupcaker99

    ABZ was no joke back in the mid 90’s.I don’t know how they are now but back then they were some trigger happy mofos.They did a lot of dirt and stories of their war/dismantling of Valerio St Gang was just down right vicious.I don’t know how many are confirmed true but thats what my peeps told me who use to live across the street from Valerio Gardens.

  5. filipino023

    i swore i will do my best to bring that piece by uniting our gangs no matter what street STS,HELLSIDE,PR,TRG,Temple Street,AP,JFX,BNG every gang from L.A to all of south east asia my cambodian, samoan , chamoroz gangstasss, our people are the same its a map that divide us Fck it let me chill giv me love when i ride up!!!

  6. industrialhemprocks

    this video is hella racist. so what if someone doesnt wanna speak english in america its theyre right. if they wanna do it for twenty minutes or fifteen. that guy acts like a fuckin scared pussy. lol

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