Korean Fan Dance girl

Korean Fan Dance
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Actress Kim Tae-hee is chosen as Koreas most beautiful woman in a recent KBS survey with 15222 respondents. The top 10 in sequence are 1.Kim Tae-hee 2.Lee Young Ae 3.Han Ga In 4.Song Hye Kyo 5.Kim Hee Sun 6.Son Ye Jin 7.Han Ye Seul 8.Jun Ji Hyun 9.Kim Hye Soo 10.Shim Eun Ha Please don’t post any racist or mean comments on this video. I’ve noticed all the racists talking about korean plastic surgery. Yes, i know but many of these women are mostly natural. pretty doesn’t equal plastic surgery all of the time. So chill, stop hating, and skip to the next video if you don’t like koreans. If you post a mean or racist comment, i will block you from this channel.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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28 thoughts on “Korean Fan Dance girl

  1. liquidpersuasion

    @akodummyemaill i’d choose lee da hae or ko hyun jung over JJH any day.

  2. hansboofer

    @chemadude1229 Yo, toots! You’re only 21 and this has and will continue to go on long after you are dead and gone…hmmmmm, hmmm , they are some good looking Korean chicks, lemme tell ya…I believe nothing could be so right…Carry on, young lady…..

  3. CreativePotion

    Who can judge on what Korean looks more beautiful? They all look alike, they’re ALL beautiful. lol

  4. BackpackingNepal

    ‘Park Ji Yoon’ is the most beautiful women of Korea. 2nd is ‘Lee Soo Young’ who doesn’t appear in her music videos.

  5. liquidpersuasion

    @chemadude1229 #10 is wtf??, i like #9; i don’t like #8, definitely not #7, #6 is ok, #5 is overrated, #4 is ok, #3 is HELL NO, #2 is classy, #1 is obviously #1

  6. byakuransama100

    @ethline I soo agree with you, although I know little about korean actresses, I believe ha ji won should be in that list cause she’s so beautiful in her recent commercial~!!

  7. nanicool409

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  8. nanicool409

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  9. ImperialShark78

    you should see the korean mamasan I banged on Telephone Road, Houston, TX this past weekend…uuuuuyyyy

  10. minaolenkimi

    tämä on hwabyung Korean! toivon Korean ymmärtävät, mitä he ovat joskus.
    Google translated “おまえ、あたまがわるいいいいい” into “You, I like my head is bad.”
    I don’t mind if you like your bad ass head or not. but, don’t give me a bullshit anymore!

  11. S0007100980

    As for Koreans spending on porn, I think Koreans girl being decent might well be the reason why Koreans males have to spend money on it to satisfy their lust

  12. S0007100980

    I feel Korean girls are some of the most sweet, pretty, adorable, kind, decent and cute girls in the world. I do not know how right and accurate this list is, as I am not a Korean, but still a great job with the video.
    Btw great soundtracks too and I like your choice of music. I like Korean movies too quite a lot although need subtitles to understand them.

  13. fishermanonboat

    @minaolenkimi Don’t bother to decorate your channel with some Finnish videos. Definitely you can read some Korean news. おまえ、あたまがわるいいいいい!

  14. gwajadanji

    @evilr82 이나영은 아름답다기보다는 걍 특이한, 혼혈같은 이미지일 뿐…. 전 박주미씨가 빠진 게 의외네요. 한국적인 미인하면 박주미씨를 빼고 말할 수 없지.

  15. gwajadanji

    @korblazzz 상당히 객관적인 순위 같은데? 그렇게 말하는 당신의 의견이 더 주관적이네요. 성형녀들 빼고, 예쁘긴 한데 대중적인 미의 기준에서 벗어나는 사람들 빼고 하다보면 별로 안 남지 않나…

  16. minaolenkimi

    I think all people know about US weekly magazine Newsweek.
    According to Newsweek’s article of Feb. 6, 2011, Korean has spent 526.76 USD for pornography.
    1st Korea, 526.76 USD/
    2nd Japan, 156.75 USD/
    3rd Finland, 114.70 USD/
    4th Australia, 98.70 USD/
    5th Brazil, 53.17 USD/
    6th Czech, 44.94 USD/
    7th US, 44.67 USD/
    8th Taiwan, 43.41 USD/
    9th UK, 31.84 USD/
    10th Canada, 30.21 USD

    Wow Congraturations! Korea is No.1 market of porngraphy.. 😉

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