18 thoughts on “Japanese Model ERIKA SAWAJIRI on Youtube

  1. somixs

    waaa en eso se combirtio weno tenia otra perspectiva de ella pero bueno q se puede hacer T_T

  2. deoxysyaha

    WOW!!!! a good singer and dancer what the hell is that, is she still a human????

  3. rezaLockheart

    i really missed kaoru amane, the old erika, to me kaoru amane has her own charm…
    why you have to change ??

  4. gurabesusama

    hhahahahahahaah she was lipsin…………. oooooooooooooo! booty!……… wait what was she doing again..

  5. EiziEntertainment

    She’s the best !!! Best actress ever ! best singer !!!! most beautiful woman in the world !!!! no one i know could ever keep up with her !!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  6. GazettErock100

    @meshowz ur right i agree with u that erika became a bitch she was my fav girls until i change my mind and prefer maki

  7. nudle19

    apparently she has always been a diva. She’s really opposite to the character Aya in 1 Litre of Tears.

  8. meshowz

    when did she became a bitch? she remind me of some epic fail Americana singer ..u guess lol

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