How To Get Asian Girls

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You know when people bitch about you, but they bitch about you in their own language so you can’t understand them. Today i fell victim to language bitching when i went in an asian convenient store and overheard them bitching in chinese. Little did they know I can speak chinese so I understood every word they said. Special Thanks to: Peace as The Asian: Jacinta as The Sex Whore: Directed by Shaun More Houseofmicky? Subscribe to my secondary channels at: JOIN THE HOUSE OF MICKY FAN CLUB FOR UPDATES My Social Networking Sites: MYSPACE MY BEBO FACEBOOK FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER BLOGTV LIVE CHAT (Monday 11:30pm EST/ Tuesday 3:30pm AUS) Leave your comments and feedback on what you thought of the video and dont forget to leave your creative video ideas for TheHouseofmicky to create and you could be featured on the site and in the video. Most importantly dont forget to SUBSCRIBE!

50 thoughts on “How To Get Asian Girls

  1. Z32spdstr

    did she say papi at the end? lol if so thats funny yet sexy asian girl using a latina expression i love it btw im latino LOL yeah buddy

  2. 05290066

    @dinnerandashow racist gold digging??!?!?! i’m asian, and i have a black boyfriend, and i don’t dig gold 🙁

  3. GrenGoddess

    @ilyxb00 the no homo part is unnecessary. gay and straight are the same thing 🙂

    anyway, you video didnt go over tips to help lesbians get Asian chicks. Maybe make another video ^_~

  4. jackngo2

    is it true that asian girls avoid physical altercations with other girls because they would get their asses handed to them 98% of the time.

  5. ZWQ521

    @indiasucksalways Can you please try not use “Made In China/ Taiwan/Japan/Korea” for one year? A t least a half of products in you house should be made in China, please throw them away,Ok? Then don’t use iphone bacaus the A4 cpu, IPS display, rom and battery are made in Korea. If you say “i don’t use iphone”,Ok,please throw away your HTC, it made in Taiwan, and smash your children’s PSP, it is made in Japan, and if it’s asians who ruined the world economy, why USA’s economy failed at first ?

  6. ZWQ521

    It’s not so fun. Actually, i am a Chinese. I speak mandarin. They seem like chinese girls but they were not speak mandarin or cantonese. May be it’s some other dialect, but in my opinion, it’s not Chinese. I even double if the girls can speak any Asian. They just keep saying “chang pin lon” right?

  7. nguyenimproved

    hey you skinny cunt with the tiny cock and tryhard bon jovi hair…racist cunt its called upselling

  8. Ujames1978

    Dear TheHouseofmicky,

    Please read my apology, but I was referring to the fact that you commented on your co-star’s poor ‘Fake Asian,’ implying that because they are ethnically Asian, they should be able to speak an Asian language. So in point 3, I was asking if being ethnically Russian meansI should also be able to speak Russian.

    Is an ethnically Chinese man who only speaks French and lives in Belgium a “Native Texan,” solely because he was born in Texas, as a TV program once implied?

  9. Ujames1978

    Dear TheHouseofmicky,

    Once again, I truly apologise, but the damn character limit only let me fit this much in, forcing me to delete half of it before I accidentally posted it prematurely. I did consider deleting it, but the points I made were aimed more at the racists who’d laugh for the wrong reasons than at you or the video itself.

  10. TheHouseofmicky

    As for your third comment. I dont remember mentioning that all asians can speak the same language as their family so im not quite sure what exactly your third point has to do with my video, maybe you could explain that one further to me.

    Also, keep in mind when watching a “comedy” video (regardless of if you find it humorous or not) that they are meant to be a joke and you should be a little bit more lenient on your criticism. If it was a doco then thats a different story.

  11. TheHouseofmicky

    @Ujames1978 thank you for taking the time to look at my other videos. I appreciate your opinion but i feel your taking my videos to seriously. As my channel is ment to be comedy im obviously joking. Its not like im a hardcore racist. Many people have brought up the joke of Asian people who bitch in an “Asian” language. Thats why i said they cant speak “Asian” (Meaning they cant speaking any asian language) i dont have a crew of script writters to correct my every line. 🙂

  12. Ujames1978

    I ‘Really’ Hope That You’re Joking!

    1) Do English speaking people never mock and abuse others when they know they can’t understand them?

    2) There’s no such thing as an “Asian” Language. “Can’t Speak Asian?” WTF?

    3) My Family Escaped from Russia in the 19th Century, but I can’t speak Russian.

    4) There is no single ‘Chinese’ Language. The Two Major Dialects are Manadrin & Cantonese.

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