Swedish girls and south Korean girls song name is House Rulez – house

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50 thoughts on “HOT KOREAN GIRLS

  1. AskKorea

    @laboyyawoogykane like who? The only koreans i like is BoA, kim tae hee and kim hee sun. The rest are usually fake, unfunny, plastic, untalented attention seeking hoes that tries to act cute. Sorry but your argument isn’t at all convincing and u are just a nationalist who spreads propaganda.

  2. AskKorea

    @laboyyawoogykane You’re really over exaggerating with the beauty in south korea. wtf you’re into teens or are u a kid? I’m not into underaged girls so i would rather date an early 20s when they are fully developed. Are u admiting korean singers become ugly when they are an adult?lol You do realize that korean celebs like song hye kyo had their teeth straightened and whitened. Didn’t the japanese start the school girls trend in the first place and the koreans copied.

  3. AskKorea

    @laboyyawoogykane You sound awfully like a pedo.All girls from different countries in their teens are young so what u just said is freakin damn To say all korean teens are lovely cute and pretty is bullcrap tho. Most korean school girls have tiny eyes accompanied with a flat face and by the time they are nearly 20 they feel the need to get sugery on their eyes and nose. The only one i call pretty is jessica and yoona. Some of their noses are definitely not natural and i seen the vid.

  4. laboyyawoogykane

    @AskKorea Yeah, most of actors,singers do surgery . But “PRETTY TOP STARS DIDNT”. And natural TOP STARS are prettier than any surgeried mother fuckers. So the beauty of Korea is not made out of surgery. FACE THE FACT. And actually, most of actors,singers in every country get surgery. Not only in korea ROFL.
    And there’s a fact. Natural koreans are way prettier than Natural japanese… U can’t deny this fact. DONT DENY THE FACT

  5. laboyyawoogykane

    @AskKorea Japan has the most fake faces; Japan makes double eye-lid by using strings and they have developped make-ups that change the entire face. RAT TEETH is a symbol of being natural? I can see that u r a japanese HAHA. All the japs who doesnt have RAT TEETH is either they’re mixed blood with chinese or korean or SURGERY. HAHA. Pure japs are ugly like shit. And let me tell u something.Girls(my friends) in my school(middle school) is prettier than any adult singers.Teenagers look more lovely

  6. laboyyawoogykane

    @AskKorea HAHA most korean teenagers are UGLY?? UHAHAHA. U have never been to korea before heh? Sorry but, Korean teenagers are prettier than adults. RETARD. Korean teenagers are more lovely,cute,pretty like dolls. Its because they’re young. The style changes Cute,Lovely,Pretty into sexy when they grow up and become an adult. I know u will take a spurm if u come to my school; Its true JaeJoong did surgery.Sorry but type “SNSD plastic surgery” in youtube and watch the first video.They r natural

  7. AskKorea

    @laboyyawoogykane lol I know youre south korean and thats why i made that comparison in the first place. North koreans are koreans without the cosmetics. They understand poverty and hard labor unlike the rich and spoilt that is the south. Japanese has rat teeth but thats cos they can’t be bothered to straighten it and a symbol of being natural.

  8. AskKorea

    @laboyyawoogykane Most korean teenagers are butt ugly and if u look at SNSDs childhood pics, they look weird apart from Yoona. DBSKs jaejoong looks completely different in his school pics and had surgical enhancments on his eyes, nose and lips to achieve where he got today. In fact those who look similar to jaejoong had surgery and thats why so many koreans all look alike. Japan does plastic surgery but they have an adult industry whereas its hard to find fresh talent in korea.

  9. AskKorea

    @laboyyawoogykane ‘but most of “SINGERS”,”ACTOR” get surgery.’ Disagree if only koreans can enjoy talent and fame through real beauty. Why is it that in nearly all korean dramas, they have a model male actor? Its for fan service and for idiots to forgive their horrid acting abilities. I honestly would prefer an amazing versatile singer/actor than be drawn into some pretty boy/girl acting cute. SM entertainment is an unfair, harsh company that does not allow some basic human rights. its true!

  10. laboyyawoogykane

    @AskKorea North Korea? HAHA Im a south korean and do u actually think that I can visit North Korea? HAHA
    Sorry but visitation of North Korea is not allowed. So I know u haven’t been there neither. And sorry, there is a korean phrase “Southern Man and Northern Woman”. And I expect that north koreans are ugly because of their environment. U know north koreans starves every fuckin day? LEARN MORE.And japs are ugly like shit . They have fucked up RAT TEETH,SUPER WIDE JAW. DONT DENY THE FACT

  11. laboyyawoogykane

    @AskKorea Japan does more plastic surgery than korea. And japanese who didnt do surgery make double eye-lid by using “STRINGS” thats all the fake faces also. Im a korean middle schooler and there are tones of pretty girls in my school. And u can’t deny the fact that middle schoolers are not allowed to do surgery.. Under 18 years old is not allowed. Then how the fuck are u going to explain the beauties of Teenagers? DONT DENY THE FACT..And SNSD is not really pretty; They just look fresh.

  12. laboyyawoogykane

    @AskKorea Wrong information. U r a retard but I think u r better than TyraBanksNo1.
    By the way, Im a korean middle schooler. Here is the facts. Yes SM entertainment do lots of surgery . But SNSD didnt do surgery except for “HyoYeon”. And like I said before, most of BEAUTIFUL KOREAN TOP STARS ARE “NATURAL”. Koreans respect,prefers natural beauties. I dont know where u r from but most of “SINGERS”,”ACTOR” get surgery. Because face is really important for these jobs. Japan does more than korea.

  13. wwwtotalitaerde

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    My brother Markus Bott had been tortured and was assassinated by the German BND which is the renamed GESTAPO. Germany is exactly the NAZI state as it is seen by many people. That is even evident from the fact that no criticism is allowed by German snitchers.
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    Martin Bott

  14. TyraBanksNo1

    It is so sad that ethnic koreans in south korea hate their real faces so much that over 82% of ethnic koreans had plastic surgeries to alter their appearances for vanity reasons. Each end of the day, they know the truth how their truth forms are and each day they live aother lie.

  15. TyraBanksNo1

    lifesytle in south korea. why deny the obvious truth??? The whole world knows most koreans have fake faces. The real korean faces are so damn ugly and that is why koerans all get fake faces and bodies.

  16. AskKorea

    @laboyyawoogykane Negative if u have been to north korea or seen the girls there, they are completely the opposite of beautiful with flat faces and tiny eyes. The fact that south korea is much richer and heavily influenced on exploitation of young singers they spend dozens on cosmetics. Its propaganda and their method of selling talent through beauty. This sets a terrible example of young children who they idolize believing beauty is the only way of making it big in the industry.

  17. AskKorea

    @laboyyawoogykane No u got your facts wrong some members of SNSD did do it as people noticed their double eyelids and facial changes. You also mentioned HyoYeon which proved my point. SM entertainment pays for the treatment and its part of the package. Before their debut to stardom some are encouraged to have plastic surgery. Not saying south korean women are totally ugly but they are limiting thei talents by putting looks first. The SM entertainment contract is totally unfair and ruining lives.

  18. laboyyawoogykane

    Korean rarely do surgery.Only 10% of korean female in 20th got surgery.UNDER 19 YEARS OLD is not allowed to have surgery.Guys, just ignore that korean hater TyrabanksNo1. he’s a japanese. He is just so jealous about korean beauty. Thats the reason he keeps making rumours about korea. Dont get wrong with fake informations that TyraBanksNo1 makes. He made 50 different accounts and tour all over the korean videos saying rumours. BECAREFUL! GUY!! HES JUST JEALOUS AND CANT STAND FEELING INFERIOR!

  19. pijef

    there are few asian girls that I like, (only north korea and vietnam). But I like swedish better. even though I’m probably never gonna have a realashionship with one, i’m even saying this as a asian male.

  20. richis404

    @Janetging2 i like asian girls but i havnt penis issues how do you explain this doctor?-but i can tell you really a true fact.The fact is that your comment has the most thumbs up proofs the mental level of the people here on youtube

  21. pijef

    Well, If you don’t want a women with fake tits, layers of makeup, and women who get fat sucked in their ass, don’t look for swedish.

    If you want a real women, look at asians. Nice body, perfect figure, and they know

  22. SweetNaru17

    Omg was sind den die Schwedinnen für Schlampen?? Die haben es ja nötig mit dem Solarium und Brüste in die Kamera stecken.Die sind bestimmt alle von Myspace,Netlog etc. 😀 😀

  23. HighCardWins

    Swedes are hot, but they use to much self-tanning lotion. Korean girls are hot, but none in this fucking dumb video are. For Christ’s sakes, post some hot Asians girls.

  24. razgriz3

    if you wanna date a girl that acts her age and has the body of a woman and doesn’t go around looking like she’s 12; throwing peace signs and silly faces everytime she hears a camera then hell yeah, swedish!

  25. pijef

    Well, it depends on what you like.

    Swedes= Un-Feminine whores who turn into sluts when 16.

    Asians= Feminine girls, and real women!

    Not hiding under millions of layers like the swedes!

  26. kimberlymarie21990

    It is unfair to compare these women, they’re all beautiful in every country… I’m Anglo-Saxon and I don’t think it’s right that the the blond, blue-eyed Germanic ideal is crammed down the whole world’s throat. It’s racist and to say SCandinavians are the ideal beauties, because I’m sure HITLER would agree.

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