Drunk Korean Girl

Well so Ice caught this one. So I’m ordering food and across the street there’s a girl that got Songjoo’d (stairway to heaven reference) www.johnshouseproductions.com http
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25 thoughts on “Drunk Korean Girl

  1. 119cigaroz

    hey don’t run! otherwise she will vomit on ur shoulders!!!
    lol because it happened to me last month. Do not run when u are piggy backing drunken person.

    sory for the bad english. =)

  2. gsvetcos

    @JohnHousePro Oh gosh… LOL… i think i can name any/every drama or movie i watched and SOMEWHERE at SOME POINT is a drunk person being carried on the back of someone else. XD

  3. gsvetcos

    That guy looked like he had struggles holding her on his back D:

    They make carrying drunk people look sooooo easy in Kdramas and Kmovies…

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