Do you think I’ll see a Korean taller than me?

Question by ♥ I WISH♥: Do you think I’ll see a Korean taller than me?
I am a 5’9″ female, and I have yet to seen any Asian woman that is taller than me, exception of very few models.. would I stand out like a giant pole?

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Answer by milo_alert
you might but it will most likely be men

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12 thoughts on “Do you think I’ll see a Korean taller than me?

  1. 123

    Yes, if you’re going to Korea the chances are you’re going to stand out, but it doesn’t matter really. But the average height would probably be about 5’1 in Korea.

  2. Shannon

    You’re above average, and I only know a few of Asian women taller, but I knew plenty of Asian guys that tower above me (I’m the same height), hope that helps ^^

  3. Made in RoK

    You’re average, but you might feel kind of short in South Korea.. I’m 6’0″ and that’s how I felt.. Korean women these days are super tall..

  4. strength

    Yeah if you see SNSD, they are pretty tall.
    That guy who said 5’1″ is a typical example of an american.
    He needs to have it dumbed down for him.

    I know a lot of Korean women that are like 5’8″. So yeah you won’t stand out. Probably only by your facial features. Don’t let stupid people like Shinchon give you false info, he is generalizing all of Asia based on his experience in China lol

    You said in your other question that you’re Korean American, unless you come from some useless state in the U.S. you should know how tall Koreans (esp. females) are.

  5. kamikaze

    You won’t see many Korean women taller than you but I don’t think you will noticeably stand out. My ex-girlfriend was Korean and she was 5’8″.

    The average height of Korean men in their 20s is around 5’9″(174cm) so you’ll see many Korean men who are taller than you. (Many older men might be much shorter than you though.)

    Koreans are probably the tallest people in Asia. If you go to the Philippines or Thailand, you would notice Koreans are bigger than them.

  6. Shinchon

    Most Korean women are much shorter than you.

    Most of the posters here aren’t glancing at your question long enough to realize you’re a girl, and are rushing to their keyboards and saying “that’s average” or “that’s short.” No, for a Korean woman, 5’9″ is quite tall. Either that, or their ethnic pride is getting the better of them (the same people who insist that the average ancient Korean stood at over two meters tall).

    HOWEVER, it will be far less noticeable if you don’t wear heels. Most Korean women wear heels which boosts their height up about two or three, or in extreme cases five inches. By not wearing heels, you can easily “decrease” your height by two or three inches and just be slightly on the tall side.

  7. 사랑해요 동방신기!

    I doubt you’ll see women taller than you, but you will see men that are your height or a bit taller.

  8. lestermount

    You are tall for your age in any country.
    I have seen some girls who are about your height, but many are shorter.
    My step daughters are about your height and they are teens.

  9. @үа'll dит Uиdзяѕтаиd мз@

    not really, if you stand in line next to girls you wouldnt though cause alot of korean girls are much shorter then you like 5’5 and 5’4 and sometimes even shorter. i dont kno what some of the other posters were talking about but even here in america your considered really tall compared to females. though for men in south korea you would most likely be about the same height as alot of them and some would even be taller then you.

  10. sesso

    No. You’re tall for any country except maybe the likes of Croatia, Holland, Russia and Serbia. The Dinaric Alps (Croatia/Serbia) have the world’s tallest people and the average woman is shorter then you.

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