3D origami mini chick OR duck~ kawaii “piyo piyo” duck

a good beginners model. small, easy & simple, doesnt use much pieces, and its bright & cute!!!! a cute small duck, which looks like the character “piyo piyo”, which can also pass off as a little baby chick (well maybe if you make the mouth just 1 orange piece to make it look more like a chicken beak than a duck’s bill)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 5 / 5

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50 thoughts on “3D origami mini chick OR duck~ kawaii “piyo piyo” duck

  1. jewellia7777

    @AnnieLaAnna yeah you can use beads or anything you want. i think its the size of a pea, but yeah you can use whatever you want. buttons, cut out paper etc…

  2. AnnieLaAnna

    @jewellia7777 About how big is it? a pea? A jelly bean? Or can I just use pony beads?

  3. SweetnCrispy

    aaaaaawwwie its so cute >.< i didnt hav any color paper so it turned out just a regular white ball

  4. Simplicful

    @jesus12711 My tip to get papers to stick together is to use glue and a toothpick, just rub the glue on the sharp edges and then put the pieces on.

  5. MOSpr0ductz

    @jesus12711 just normal copy paper. the trick is to fold them fast and to not make the creases sharp

  6. jesus12711

    @MOSpr0ductz i did but still my pices all fall off wat paper is good for these type of origami (small) projects.

  7. MOSpr0ductz

    @jesus12711 watch her vid “3d origami for BEGINNERS”. a lot easier than waiting here for an answer

  8. jesus12711

    hey im just wondering how dose ur pieces stay nd look all nice: 2 Q’s
    1. how big is the piece of paper u use for pieces?
    2. what type of paper ur using?

    i tried making it twice bt the pieces fall or dosnt stay can u please help…;)

  9. jesus12711

    hey how dose your pices stay together wat paper are you using please respond…………..ASAP;)

  10. rusepro123

    I am making this as my first 3d origami. I know i commented this like on 7 other vids of yours but im actually going to do this one. I m using cardstock double the regular size rectangle.

  11. DarkPlaidBlade

    I can take a pic of it so u can see
    there is like a tiny figure sized whole in the middle of the ring/circle

  12. OnlyLifeMatters

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  13. Hairysteed

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  14. OnlyLifeMatters

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  15. Hairysteed

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  16. Hairysteed

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  17. tf88888888

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  20. Robloxsaltytaco1234

    Is this vehicle just another one of their crappy armor(Quantity over Quality)?

  21. TruthApple88

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  22. IndoAtheist

    is this tank for sale ?..i think our marine needs one with 105 mm canon for SPH…

  23. myfunkychannel

    @Noobssuckass300 true but which one will be the ultimate winner of claiming China? mainland or the island?

  24. Papi1960R

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  25. fludblud

    @drfan2004 too late! search for type 07 IFV

    although i wouldnt call it a direct copy seeing as it is quite larger than its american counterpart and sports a 30mm cannon in its default configuration, there is an MGS variant as well, but the similarities are uncanny.

  26. myfunkychannel

    @kullas924 haha eurofighter nothing like it you blind. in your eyes then the eurofighter looks like the lavi and f-16

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